Walk #1 – Panoramic Views over Montgomery Vale

Starting at our Town Hall walk around to its rear and ascend the narrow road beyond. Stop and turn around every minute or so and take in the view over Montgomery rooftops, out to Corndon hill, over the English border and beyond to the Long Mynd. You can then continue upwards on the narrow road until you come to a country lane with our Montgomery Castle car park on your right ( Note: a visit to the Castle will add around 15 minutes to your circular walk — but is well worth it if you have the time ). Turn left at the country lane and walk back into Montgomery while pausing here and there to take in the wide, Panoramic views across Montgomery Vale.

Walk #2 – St. Nicholas Church with views over Montgomery

Starting at our Town Hall walk out past our SPAR shop and towards the IVY HOUSE cafe. Carefully cross the main road and ascend the short hill towards the church gates and enter it’s grounds. Walk along the pathway and follow it as it winds left and round the church. Pause to take in the view across Montgomery to the wooded hills beyond with nearby countryside. As you follow the pathway towards the rear of the Church you will see the outline of Montgomery Castle on the rocky outcrop that towers over our town. Follow the pathway round the church and take in the wide, Panoramic views across Montgomery Vale to Corndon Hill, the English border and beyond. Eventually exit at the church gates and return to our Town Hall.

Author – David Wilson