July 2020
Lifting Summer

Across Wales Walk

Across Wales Walk We are delighted that Montgomery is now the fixed end point for the 46 mile Across Wales Walk run by Rotary Clubs of Newtown, Llanidloes and Machynlleth. This was the 60th Across Wales Walk and once again Montgomery gave a rousing welcome to the 312 tired walkers (some more than others) coming…

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15 minute walks

Walk #1 – Panoramic Views over Montgomery Vale Starting at our Town Hall walk around to its rear and ascend the narrow road beyond. Stop and turn around every minute or so and take in the view over Montgomery rooftops, out to Corndon hill, over the English border and beyond to the Long Mynd. You…

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Ready for you to enjoy

Ready for you to enjoy Well hasn’t the vegetation grown apace this late spring? Vale of Montgomery Footpath Volunteers have been out and about with a vengeance undertaking hours of work clearing stiles and gates of brambles and nettles; exposing footpath way-markers and checking and repairing bridges. Pleased to say that all the four Montgomery…

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